Obama's New Chief Technology Officer Is an Ex-Threadless T-Shirt Dude

Illustration for article titled Obamas New Chief Technology Officer Is an Ex-Threadless T-Shirt Dude

Described as having a "hipster look" with hair that swivels between a mohawk and a "flipped-up front like Jim Carrey's in Ace Ventura," 33-year-old Harper Reed is the ex-CTO of t-shirt company Threadless, and will "make sure technology is a successful force multiplier within the [2012] campaign." Great hair. [Chicago Tribune]


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Having dealt with this kinds of guys, the management hipster types, in the past I don't have a lot of confidence in the choice.

The ones I've dealt with tend to be epic slackers who like taking credit for someone else's hard work. And for all their talk about fair labor practices they're the first to try to squeeze free work and long hours out of people. Everyone working for these types is a freelancer. No commitments, no need to worry about paying health insurance or social security. They let staff go on a moment's notice. But they certainly work hard to try to convince you the sacrifice is worth it because you're a part of something cool.