Obligatory Drop Test: iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S II

SquareTrade really likes breaking new things. And true to form, they've gone and abused not only the new iPhone 4S, but also Samsung's Galaxy S II. But which one proved more durable? Guess.


The iPhone 4 has never been lauded for the durability of its glass panels. The iPhone 4S is no different. While the chemically-strengthened front screen could survive a tumble from waist and shoulder level, the back panel shattered instantly. And when dropped face down from waist level, the front screen exploded into pieces.

As for the Galaxy S II, it held up remarkably well. The plastic case took plenty of abuse, cracking and popping open. But the Gorilla Glass screen? Never shattered. Not even when dropped face down. So you know, if you have clumsy hands, maybe this vid will influence which phone you buy next. [SquareTrade]


Yanwar Cakrasenjaya

Because Apple never thought of someone spending money on their phone just to drop it 3 times to the cement floor. Nope. Never crossed their mind why somebody would even do that. . and that is exactly what i do when i buy two of the newest phones out there.sarcasm. What a waste of money. why not feed 30 -50 people instead of breaking phones that cost quite a bit. and like the guy below me says, iphone replaces broken glass free of charge.