Obsessed Engineer Devises The Perfect Scooper for Rock Hard Ice Cream

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Ice cream is a dish best served cold, but liberating it from its carton is an exercise in bent spoons and throbbing wrists. Kickstarter's Michael Chou spent years striving for the perfect solution, and here it is: The Midnight Scoop, shaped to engage your most powerful arm muscles in the quest for deliciousness.

The trick is in that thick, curved handle. Instead of regular scoopers or (heaven forbid) plain old spoons, the Midnight Scoop doesn't send all that scooping force through your weak, unstable wrist. You push against the Midnight Scoop with the palm of your hand, putting your arm and chest muscles to work, and snow-plowing that ice cream out of the carton with ease.


The Midnight Scoop Kickstarter has already gotten over four times its funding goal, proof positive that there are plenty of frustrated ice cream scoopers out there. And while success on Kickstarter doesn't always translate to a buyable product you can actually use, I think anyone who's struggled to free sweet, sweet ice cream from its confines can appreciate the genius of a properly-designed scoop. [Midnight Scoop via Slashgear]