Illustration for article titled OCZ DIY Netbook: A Build-a-Bear for the Basement-Dwelling Crowd

Netbooks are everywhere, and yours just doesn't have the nerd cachet it used to. If this really bothers you, you may want to consider building your own netbook, like the OCZ Neutrino.

On paper, the Neutrino is like virtually every other 10-incher on the market, with a 1.6GHz Atom, Intel integrated graphics, 1.3MP webcam, standard port set and b/g Wi-Fi. The rest—that is, memory, HDD/SDD, and a card reader—is up to you. It could be a fun project for the hands-on type, and will additionally give you more future control over your purchase as opposed to other low-end netbooks, the innards of which are often soldered and riveted into permanence for no apparent reason.


The cost of denying an OCZ assembly line employee his livelihood in these trying times is a mere $279. [OCZ]

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