Of Course People Are Already in Line for Black Friday

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There are sane people. There are insane people. And then there are people who line up for Black Friday deals more than a week early. These two women camped out in front of a Best Buy on Wednesday of this week so they can snag some Black Friday deals after Thanksgiving.


It's the earliest the Best Buy in El Cajon, California has ever seen. I mean, I think lining up on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving would be crazy. This would be an ENTIRE week before that definition of crazy. Another magical Best Buy store in St. Petersburg, Florida usually gets the earliest birds for Black Friday but it seems like they got beat by Rhiannon Buckingham and Alicia Gomez.

Buckingham and Gomez both say they're not crazy for coming early because they need to be there for the door buster deals. In fact, Buckingham broke down her reason for coming early to 10news:

"Last year, I came on Tuesday and I was 17th in line. They only had 15 TVs."

Sensible in a nonsensical sort of way. Hopefully they can at least get a turkey sandwich on Thanksgiving. [10News via Consumerist, Image Credit KRQE]


MAKE2 Mifune

Obviously doesn't have a job...yet is severely obese and waiting in line to buy a giant flat screen TV. Probably complains about there being no jobs and not having enough money, particularly when someone calls to collect on a bill.

For chrissakes people, at least do something productive while you sit for the next 144 hours, like gather petitions for a good cause, or don a giant chicken suit so people are at least entertained by the sight of you.

America, you make me proud. These women are clearly as hardworking as other people, their efforts are just in all of the wrong things. God bless them.