Offender Locator Tracks Sex Offenders on Your iPhone

Illustration for article titled Offender Locator Tracks Sex Offenders on Your iPhone

Looking to get molested but don't know where to look to get the job done? The new Offender Locator iPhone app will show you exactly where to go when all you need is an inappropriate touch.


The app uses GPS to show you where all the registered sex offenders are near you at any given time. You can also use addresses from your contacts list if you want to check out where the perverts live near your friends and family. It's perfect for pranks! Just tell your friend there's a surprise party for them at one of the locations. They'll laugh and laugh!

Alternately, you can use this app to get yourself scared and worked up over something you can't control that has a miniscule likelihood of ever effecting you. Either way. [Offender Locator (iTunes Link) via Telegraph via The Daily What]



I feel like I'm late to the party, but how are they doing this? Under-the-skin GPS implants? So, if I see them suddenly, slowly converging on my location I should probably just shoot myself and hope that they're not necrophiliacs as well?