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Official Star Trek: The Next Generation Vodka Is Being Sent Into Space Before You Can Boldly Swig It

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When the cosmic eddies of our facile existence gives us a year like 2018, the only appropriate answer is to make vodka inspired by Guinan’s bar on the Enterprise, apparently. Obviously.

Silver Screen Bottling Company and CBS have just announced another addition to their line of Star Trek themed booze—which a) exists in the form of a Captain Kirk Bourbon and b) somehow does not yet actually feature Klingon Bloodwine—in the form of Ten Forward Vodka, taking inspiration from The Next Generation’s recreational hub of choice.


Aside from featuring an LCARS-influenced bottle design (that’s the Enterprise’s computer operating system from TNG onwards), the vodka’s Star Trek-iness is enhanced by the fact that... it’s been to space? No, really: the company is planning to send a batch of the spirit into space, which will be blended with the larger stock to guarantee that at least every bottle contains a tiny bit of space-bound booze. I’m sure the discerning Star Trek fan will absolutely be able to notice this cosmic addition while they down shot after shot during their next Trek marathon.


The Ten Forward Vodka is set to retail for $30 a bottle when it hits shelves and replicators near you soon.