Officially Official: Windows Vista SP1 Is Available... NOW

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Windows' much demanded Vista Service Pack 1 is finally free for you to download from Windows Update or Microsoft Download Center. Microsoft says SP1 will bring "improvements that address many key pieces of customer feedback, especially in the areas of performance and reliability." Gaming and networking are two particular areas of improvement, though experienced opinionators like our beloved Mossberg think it may well just be turd polish (not his words, to be sure). Want more info? Keep your eyes on this blog.

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@Topcat: "there's a reason Apple is making all but their lowest-end options ship with 2GB by default, and it isn't because they want people to use Vista."

Yeah, because they've decided that for the prices, a little extra RAM'll be nice to have.

Leopard runs better on 1GB and slightly below a great deal better than Vista does.