Oh God, This Horrifying Sidewalk Sinkhole

If you're a person with irrational fears of urban horror stories, stay far far away from this real-life video of two people falling into a sidewalk hole in Seoul, where sinkholes are a mysterious and apparently growing problem in the city thanks in part (maybe?) to super tall skyscrapers. They step off a bus—only to have the ground literally fall away. Luckily, they somehow escape with only minor injuries.


UPI reports that the whole thing, captured by CCTV, happened near a construction site in the Yongsan area of Seoul. Officials are still looking into the exact cause of the 10-foot hole. Last year, there were reports of mysterious sinkholes around the construction site for Lotte World Tower in another part of Seoul.


So add sinkholes to the long list of pedestrian terrors. Ack, you can't even avoid them like cellar grates. [AP Video via Digg]

Gif by Andrew Liszewski from AP Video.

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Luckily, they somehow escape with only minor injuries

...and are now dating