Oh Good, This Smartphone Scent Emitter Is Now Available Worldwide

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What's this? A plug-in loudspeaker? An external flash? A retina scanner? No, it's the utterly bizarre Scentee, an aroma-generating thingamabob that gives your smartphone scent notifications. And, starting today, it's available worldwide. How ever did we live without this?

The $35 smell dongle holds a little scent cartridge with enough fragrant liquid for 100 sprays. Right now, five scents are available: rose, lavender, coffee, rosemary, and strawberry. The system is controlled by an Android or iOS app, giving a scented puff on timed intervals, as an alternative to audio notifications, or just whenever you want a whiff.

And yes, there's an alarm clock feature, so you really can wake up and smell the coffee. [Scentee via Electronista]