Oh Good, This Smartphone Scent Emitter Is Now Available Worldwide

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What's this? A plug-in loudspeaker? An external flash? A retina scanner? No, it's the utterly bizarre Scentee, an aroma-generating thingamabob that gives your smartphone scent notifications. And, starting today, it's available worldwide. How ever did we live without this?

The $35 smell dongle holds a little scent cartridge with enough fragrant liquid for 100 sprays. Right now, five scents are available: rose, lavender, coffee, rosemary, and strawberry. The system is controlled by an Android or iOS app, giving a scented puff on timed intervals, as an alternative to audio notifications, or just whenever you want a whiff.

And yes, there's an alarm clock feature, so you really can wake up and smell the coffee. [Scentee via Electronista]

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Honestly sounds kind of useless to me. Sure, the idea is neat and all, but would make it worth while having if it had about 15 different chemicals in it that combined to even 5 whifs of different scents you could select from an app, and upload different ones that could be simulated. I can see this one day being a major role in games, and in VR tech. Would be more applicable in a desktop application, instead of a mobile device.