Ohio Voting Machines Messed With During Recent Primaries

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Great news for democracy! It looks like some voter fraud went down in Ohio, with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation seizing voting machines for forensic analysis and a criminal investigation underway.


Apparently, a candidate's name was marked as withdrawn on a number of voting machines and the internal audit capability on the machines had been manually disabled by election board programmers, which is pretty shady. And Ohio doesn't exactly have a great record when it comes to voting.

Two Cuyahoga election officials were convicted of rigging a recount in May 2004 because they literally admitted to doing precounts and displayed the evidence while being recorded on videotape. A different Cuyahoga county recount, for a November 2007 local election, was equally marred when Brunner turned the state's voter-verifiable paper audit trail law into a mockery by conducting the recount with paper ballots reprinted after the election from voting machine memory cards.


Boy, this all really makes you trust into our system of government, doesn't it? In the end, Ohio might end up scrapping the touchscreen machines entirely and going back to paper ballots, a move that would cost the state about $64 million but would keep elections a touch more trustworthy. [Ars Technica]

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