Okay, I'm Really Leaving Now

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Alright, internet friends. This is probably all I've got left in me today (and hence, forever). Here are the posts from the last couple of years that you told me you enjoyed the most. I really had a great time running this site and got to do a lot of things I'd always wanted to do. I got the chance to call a lot of people and companies 'cunt muskets' in a public forum which was a life's dream, fulfilled.

Thanks to Nick Denton for giving me a break and for all the work of Team Gawker (except the other editors, who never split their heaping rails of blow). A special dong spam goes out to my friends in irc.gizmodo.com #gizmodo, especially AmiB for the editorial help and Sektie for the GizmoBot. I'll be around on the internet, and as always, feel free to ping me on AIM or email if any of you ever need anything (joeljohnson.com will be my new home base).

My only regret? I never could snag the registration of 'go-l.com' Oh, the fun we would have had.


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