Oklahoma's Myths Come Out To Play In This Delightful Webcomic Dramedy

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The weirdest thing about Oscar's life used to be his name. (It's Oscar Wilde.) Then he moved to Podunk, Oklahoma, a quiet town that turned out to be...not so quiet. Now he has to deal with ghosts, witches, and werewolves, and that's before the local mythological creatures start crawling out of the woodwork.


Pascalle Lepas' webcomic Wilde Life opens with our hero moving from Chicago to Podunk, probably expecting some peace and quiet, maybe a little small-town charm. But when the lady at the gas station says the place is a ghost town, she's being literal.

Oscar quickly discovers the secret of his creaky old house, and just as he finds himself coping (and quite well) with the idea of the supernatural, something else — something more dangerous — shows up quite literally on his doorstep. Oscar is (as far as we know) an ordinary human, and it's going to take some quick thinking to deal with all of these dangerous creatures.

Wilde Life contains some nods to old world myths, but a perusal of Lepas' deviantART gallery shows some of the more regional legends that the comic will eventually explore. While the concept art is tantalizingly beautiful, the real appeal of Wilde Life is its characters. There is a great deal of charm in the interactions between the characters — the ones who get along like happy roommates and the ones with a bit more acid in their relationships. And with all of the mythological characters on the horizon, we're looking forward to seeing more of these relationships form.

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Hmm sounds interesting. Oklahoma would have been better with mythological creatures. Will be interesting to see take on small town Oklahoma life.

I probably should stop hating on the state so much since I went and got married there.