Illustration for article titled Old Lady Tells Young Dude to Stop Playing With Phone, Young Dude Breaks Old Ladys Face

I hate obnoxious people on trains, but there's a reason I only make snide remarks to obviously weaker opponents. Because if you yell at them, like this old lady, they might break your face.

A 50-year-old woman told 21-year-old computer programmer Jun Ando to stop playing cellphone games because the Shinkiba-bound train was supercrowded. (Some older people in Japan also just have a thing about cellphones—there are sections of some trains where you're not supposed to use them at all.) He then allegedly told her to shut her face before proceeding to blast it with punches, breaking her jaw. But it gets better!


After Ando was taken off the train and forced into the station's office by the staff, he punched the woman again. Man, he must've been in the middle of a boss fight in Metal Gear Touch or something.

Has anyone ever annoyed you enough with their cellphone in a crowded space in a way other than talking on it that you wanted to grind their face into cheap hamburger meat with your bare hands? [Japan Today via Alafista via Kotaku]

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