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That's what MSNBC's Gary Krakow claims, as he descends into the mad crossover world of audiophiles hunting for special series of PS1s that double as incredible CD players. You, sir, are as wild and crazy as your profile shot implies.

Look for the PlayStation with the model number SCPH-1001, which is the unit with separate audio and video RCA output jacks.


That makes sense.

It seems the PlayStations sound best when left on all the time. You shouldn't even listen for the first three days. Both units need every second of the break-in period.


Madness...if not for the fact that I WANT to believe.

Compared to his own top-of-the-line, Class A+ rated Sony SACD machine, the PS1 fell behind in listening tests, but they were definitely in the same league.


A second life for your first PlayStation [MSNBC]