Old Printers, Scanners and Hard Drives Used to Perform Radiohead's 'Nude'

Most people just create amusing videos to fit their favorite songs, but James Houston went one step further and synchronized a bunch of obsolete gadget noises to recreate Radiohead's "Nude." A Sinclair ZX Spectrum 8-bit PC was used for rhythm and lead guitars, an HP Scanjet 3c was used for bass guitar, an Epson LX-81 Dot Matrix Printer was used for drums, and an array of hard drives were used as bad speakers to distort and reproduce vocals and effects.


This song came about as a call for remixes by Radiohead for "Nude." Houston notes that most of the entries were lame, and he wanted to do something a little different that fit in the theme/alternate song title offered (Bad Ideas: Don't Get Any). And he also came up with this video, which has an awesome retro, Daft Punk-ish Human After All vibe.

It's entirely possible this was all made on a computer or keyboard, but I'll take it in good faith it was made as the creator claims. And I'd say this isn't just a little different, it's way different and damn spectacular. [Youtube] (Thanks, John )



that was a brilliant example of how fans can make their favorite songs better. I hope there's a NIN fan out there and does this next!