While this clip isn't the ad at issue, it's from the same series of "This Is Living" spots you might remember Sony put out months ago. The banned banner features Kovac (the guy in the tub) simply holding a knife and gun below the lines, "You on my side? Listen up, I've killed for less. The music plays Puccini in my head."

A whole 23 complaints (and an eternity after the campaign) later, Britain's Advertising Standards Authority decided it "condoned" violence and banned it, even though it was only displayed by Yahoo to registered users (who at least claimed they were) over the age of 18.


One of the other ads in the series reviewed by the authority (the one you probably remember) showed a women chilling on a commode in her underwear. It was given the A-OK, presumably because it only condones using the potty properly. [Destructoid]

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