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Old Shopping Carts Aren't Just For Bums Anymore

Illustration for article titled Old Shopping Carts Arent Just For Bums Anymore

As designer Ramon Coronado demonstrates, if you cut em up and rearrange the parts, you can actually make some really cool furniture.


[Design Milk via Designboom ]

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Heck yes. Dudes, back when I was cart pusher, we use to sit in and on carts all the time. While the form factor is obviously not meant for sitting, that hexagon pattern, in the right position, could be surprisingly comfortable. And these are by far the most stylish adaptation I've seen.

I've got an old metal cart in my basement. I use it for lugging stuff around, but I haven't decided if I'd like to maybe make it into a piece of furniture, or possible mod into a go kart of some kind.