OLEDs to be Used to Treat Skin Cancer, Acne

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OLEDs boast great resolutions and energy efficiency, but they could also be used to treat skin cancer and acne. A U.K. team is developing wearable OLED stickers that'll cure your skin ailments on the go.


Many skin cancers are currently treated by a combo of light and drugs (called photodynamic therapy), but current light sources are large and the therapy requires lengthy hospital visits. Lumicure Ltd. Is looking to use OLEDs in the treatment instead.

The OLEDs would be attached to sticking plaster that can be placed on the diseased skin. Not only will it be more comfortable, the patient could possibly do the therapy from home. Lumicure says it'll have the device out by Q4 of 2009, and that they're working on something similar to treat acne as well. [Printed Electronics via OLED info]



As a red head, I am glad to know they are working on skin cancer research....just in case its in my future. I wonder if I can go out in the sunshine now.