Olive unveils OPUS

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The OPUS uses a DSP combined with a high-end CD player to create a new way to listen to music. The Olive Opus has a customized audio board with four 24-bit DACs and a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator. It also features a 400GB hard drive that can store up to 1,100 CDs in lossless quality. On top of that, the OPUS features 8x over sampling (eliminating ultrasonic noise and distortion), a 32-bit processor that allows simultaneous recording and listening of CDs, and a wireless network that allows for multi-room audio streaming. If that didn t get your mouth watering, the OPUS also allows users to record, tag, and archive CDs with one button, allowing you to access your music easily, or even plug your iPod into its USB and take your music to go. You can bag the OPUS for a mere $2,999.00.

The Olive OPUS [Olive]


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