Olivia Wilde's desperate plea from the year 2050

This is our new favorite dystopian political advertisement. It starts with a fake news report about The Situation marrying Pamela Anderson... but then Olivia Wilde breaks in, from the year 2050, to warn us what'll happen if we don't vote.


This dystopian ad, from MoveOn.org, is simultaneously creepy and hilarious — if you watch it over at MoveOn's site, and you're willing to give them your Facebook info, the ad is personalized to you in particular. Which does lead to some pretty hilarious moments later on, where your picture pops up in some hilarious places. But overall, the blend of satire and hectoring is sort of hypnotic and awesome. My favorite bit is when Sarah Palin declares "Superwar" against Norway.

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[MoveOn.org, thanks John Furie Zacharias!]



I especially liked the part with the tacit implication that there are political parties not beholden to corporations. In America.