OLPC Give 1 Get 1 Returns Nov. 17 at Amazon

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One of the OLPC's few successes—besides arguably sparking the whole netbook movement—was its Give 1, Get 1 program. Okay, it had some issues, but overall, the program was a success in getting the laptops out there. No surprise then that it's coming back on Nov. 17, though this time they'll be wisely letting Amazon take care of the logistics. Update: We just heard from OLPC that the deal is the same, $400 ($188 a piece plus shipping and handling), and that the offer will be available in Europe and Asia later on. Windows XP will not be included, as it is only licensed on the platform for use in developing countries. [OLPC - Thanks Jimmie!]


Had some issues??? Like not delivering on ANY of it's stated goals or promises and nobody calling them on it because it was a "philanthropic" effort - which by definition is NOT sustainable...oh ok...