OLPC Woes Never End: Shoddy Record-Keeping Delaying Shipments

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OLPC was supposed to be a beacon of hope and gleaming digital light for children all around the developing world. Lately, it's been more like a dirty, busted street lamp. Now it's coming out that they can't even get laptops to the people actually paying for them—particularly if they used PayPal—due to crappy record-keeping software that keeps dumping people's addresses. And that's on top of the supply problems.


So, even if they miraculously have one to send to you, it's late 'cause they don't know where to send it. It's telling that while they tout that 80,000 people donated to Give One, Get One, OLPC won't say how many people have actually gotten them yet. I think it's time to hand the org's reins over to some cigar-smoking monkeys in fedora hats. That way, even if everything was all screwy, it'd just be hilarious instead of you know, sad. [PC World]