Intel Walks Away From OLPC Because Negroponte Is Mildly Insane

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OLPC should be snagging mad coverage over at Valleywag, they're generating tabloid headlines like it's their mission lately (so tame!). The latest: After joining OLPC following its bitch fight with OLPC founder Nicholas Negroponte over its Classmate competitor, Intel is now out the door. And it's apparently because Negroponte has some deep-seated jealousy issues.

According to Intel, not only did Negroponte persist in his demand that they stop selling the Classmate—part of the horde sacking the shit out of OLPC's Rome all over the world—he insisted Intel stop working with any company that makes cheap notebooks, like Asus. That's a bit much. What happened to laptops and love for the childrens?


If it really went down this way, OLPC is in much worse shape than we thought. We eagerly await their back-biting response. [CNET]