Intel Joins OLPC Team

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The two biggest rivals aiming to distribute laptops to the third-world shorties—Intel, develper of the Classmate PC, and One Laptop Per Child led by Nick Negroponte—have shaken hands and buried the hatchet, says the AP. Here's the skinny:

The One Laptop Per Child program and Intel said Friday that the chip maker would join the board of the nonprofit and contribute funding...One Laptop Per Child's computers will continue to use processors from Intel rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc., but Intel is expected to work with the project on future technical developments.


Nobody mentioned taking back all of the nasty things that have been said, but surely that's in the agreement somewhere. [AP]


Now we have put all of this ugliness behind us, we can focus on the key issue both sides agree on: World domination.

(You didn't think I was going to say 'helping children in poor nations', did you?)