Olympus Officially Made the Worst Lens In the World

Here it is, ladies and gentleman, the worst camera lens in the world. The benchmarking authority, DXO Labs, has spoken, and the new Olympus 15mm body cap lens is the worst lens it has ever tested. It scored just a 4/40, earning the ranking of "Poor." Its official rank amongst all the lenses ever made: 2872.

In fairness, this little $50 prime isn't really supposed to be a real lens. It's a body cap that gives you the ability to shoot photos whilst also protecting your micro four thirds image sensor from dust. Given that reality, it's pretty hilarious that DXO Labs bothered to benchmark it at all. And they did a very thorough job, testing the lens with nine different micro four thirds cameras. As if a single benchmark wouldn't tell them that this thing was a toy no better than a Fisher Price Aladin camera. [DXO Labs via 43Rumors]


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