On Clone Wars, Ahsoka reenacts The Fugitive with Anakin as the one-armed Jedi

Last week's episode of Clone Wars played as a procedural, complete with a Droid who played tribute to CSI. This week's episode title, "The Jedi Who Knew Too Much," is an homage to Alfred Hitchcock, so it's no surprise that Ahsoka finds herself caught up in a bizarre murder mystery, one where everything is not quite what it seems. But she won't be able to solve this new crime and figure out who was really behind the Jedi Temple bombing, she'll have to clear herself as prime murder suspect. And she'll have to do it alone. Spoilers below.


Now that Letta, who confessed to feeding her husband explosive nanodroids and blowing up the Temple in last week's episode, is in custody, it is time for the Jedi to bury their dead. Barriss Offee, Ahsoka's fellow Padawan, is especially distraught; she knew one of the Jedi masters who died in the explosion. As they leave the funeral, Admiral Tarkin (whom we should be watching very carefully during this arc) informs Anakin, Ahsoka, and Barriss that Letta is now in Republic military custody. Ahsoka is angered by this revelation, saying that Letta blew up the Jedi Temple and "should be dealt with." Barriss quietly tells her not to worry, that the evidence is clear, and that "nothing will ever change." She lowers her head at that last part. What is going through your head, Barriss?

Tarkin goes on to tell them that Chancellor Palpatine wants the Jedi removed from as many military operations as possible since the Jedi are meant to be peacekeepers, not soldiers. Hmm, the picture is starting to come together here. A bombing of the Jedi Temple supposedly caused by citizens who resent the Jedi's role in the war? Palpatine benching the Jedi Knights? There are some definite puppet strings being pulled here.

Ahsoka and Barriss speak alone for a bit. Ahsoka acknowledges that it's hard not to let their feelings for others turn into attachment and pain, to which Barriss responds, "Have you ever wondered if it was right to ignore your emotions?" That's Dark Side talk, sweetie. But it feels like Barriss been planted here as a red herring, especially since we already know her ultimate fate. Anakin calls Ahsoka away, but before she leaves, Ahsoka assures Barriss that, "One way or another, this woman [Letta] is going to pay."

During a briefing meeting, Ahsoka is summoned to Letta's cell after being told that she is the only person to whom Letta is willing to speak. By the time Ahsoka reaches Letta's cell, she's suspicious, but much of her earlier anger has subsided. Letta confesses that feeding her husband the nanodroids wasn't her idea; a Jedi instructed her on how to make the bomb and now Letta fears for her life. "Why would a Jedi make the bomb?" Ahsoka asks. Letta repeats some of what she hinted at last episode, that many of the citizens feel that the Jedi have lost their way and become mere tools of the military. From the expression on Ahsoka's face, it's clear that this hits home, although she doesn't let Letta see it. "One of you agreed with us," Letta tells her. "One of you wanted to make a statement and was willing to attack your own order to do it."

Letta, realizing she has been set up, is ready to spill the beans, but just as she's about to name the renegade Jedi, she is Force choked to death. Ahsoka throws up her arm in surprise, which naturally makes it look like she's the one doing the Force choking. (Conveniently, the audio feed wasn't recorded.) Ahsoka is arrested.

A key card appears just outside of Ahsoka's cell, which she can Force maneuver into the lock. She assumes the card is from Anakin, but this seems to be yet another ploy in the scheme to turn Ahsoka into the Republic's number one fugitive. As she tries to make her escape, she comes across the bodies of wounded Clone Troopers as well as her lightsabers. She's discovered by another Clone Trooper, who sounds the alarm. As she's pursued through the military corridors, she comes across three more Trooper bodies, this time all dead. Now she's fair game for any Clone Trooper who wants to stop her with deadly force. Anakin, shouting to Ahsoka from another corridor, tries to convince her to turn herself in. He believes her when she says she's been set up, but Ahsoka tells him that no one else will and keeps running.


There are some beautifully executed moments in the pursuit of Ahsoka, starting with her climbing atop a Clone Trooper statue to avoid the sensitive nose of a Trooper's dog creature. Anakin is helping with the pursuit, insisting that Ahsoka be taken alive. She nimbly dodges the Troopers' fire and when she's cornered, slices her way into a viaduct.

Naturally, it's Anakin who finally catches up with her, and they have their Fugitive moment (Anakin plays Gerard, not the one-armed Nichols, to Ahsoka's Kimble, but I giggled when I realized Anakin is a one-armed man). Ahsoka stands at the edge of the pipe, yelling at Anakin for not coming to find her when she was in her cell, telling him, "You could have if you tried!" He tries to reason with her, telling her she needs to come back and make her case to the Jedi Council. But now that Ahsoka knows there's a traitor among the Jedi, she doesn't know whom to trust. Frustrated, Anakin orders her to put down her lightsaber and surrender. She tells Anakin that she trusts him, but reiterates that no one else will believe her. "Anakin," she says (and my heart breaks a little—he's not "Master," he's "Anakin"), "you have to trust me now." She turns and says with a small smile, "Wish me luck," and jumps out of the pipe and onto a transporter moving down the vertical corridor.


I'm sure I've missed some movie references in here. Fellow Clone Wars viewers, what did you catch?



You know the fate of every Jedi in this series. Every single one that isn't named Yoda and Obi-wan die.