On Smallville, Deadshot takes aim at Clark (who dons new duds)

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The latest episode of Smallville, "Shield," maintained the rapid pace of the season premiere by introducing a slew of "Smallvillized" DC characters like Deadshot and Cat Grant. Also, Clark ditches the trenchcoat for a snazzy new jacket.

Last week I noted that the Smallville premiere displayed quicker plotting than last season, and that the show was better off for it. Indeed, this is the case in the second episode of the Season 10, "Shield." The grand revelations of last episode, such as Lex's secret labs, Tess' cloned ward, and Darkseid's shadowy debut are shuttled aside to make room for the TV incarnations of familiar DC characters. This episode alone boasts the first appearances of Deadshot (he's not Stuart Campbell of Checkmate), Hawkgirl (who appears as a hallucination and not just a helmet), and Glorious Godfrey (who cameos as an anti-vigilante radio host).


Additionally, we learn that it was Rick Flag who was torturing Ollie last episode, Plastique returns to join the Suicide Squad, and Cat Grant (not to be confused with "Catherine Grant" from last season) is Clark's new partner. Cat is bubbly, hate superheroes, and harbors a secret — she's changed her name to protect her son from her ex. At first Cat appears to be Deadshot's target, but we quickly discover that Clark's his real target.

Let's talk about Deadshot for a minute — the show recasts the mercenary as a weird Western gunslinger, a look I'm digging. His clockwork cowboy look walks the fine line between minimalist and fantastic rather deftly. The pistol-related puns? Not so much. Still the show depicts him as a capable villain, and his intro sequence isn't shabby whatseover. Behold:

Besides the Suicide Squad branding Clark and Ollie with tracking bugs, the episode focuses on Lois and Carter Hall's discussion of Hawkman history in Africa, Ollie wrestling with Chloe's disappearance, and Clark's decision to adopt a new, citizen-friendly persona. The look? A leather jacket emblazoned the Kryptonian pentagon. As you can see, it's very Freddie Mercury.

In sum, "Shield" should be satisfying for Smallville mavens and should also offer enough DC Easter eggs to entice comic fans. The script for Season 10 has kept things chugging along and has effectively balanced character revelations with a diverse supporting cast. And nobody met in the barn!