One Billion Video Views Later, Hulu's Still Considering Premium Pricing

We know that Hulu's free glory days are numbered, but the question that always follows talk of premium pricing for the video streaming site has been whether people actually use it all that much. Well, to me one billion video views seem like a resounding YES.


From the sounds of it, plenty of people would be willing to open up their checkbooks to keep streaming videos. Of course, even those unwilling to pay won't just be left hanging with nothing to watch because according to Hulu CEO Jason Kilar, a "free version of Hulu will always exist" even though the company is in fact "exploring premium pricing." Now we just have to wait to find out if, when, and what kind of subscriptions will come. [USA Today]



My only concern is that we're going to get this huge, fragmented video market.

Some shows will be on Hulu. Some will be on Netflix, and some will be on iTunes, but nobody will have them all. So, what... we have to pay for all the services out there?

I've long felt that we need one place to buy everything: a single market where you can buy digital versions of every movie or TV show ever produced. Instead, it sounds like we'll end up with stuff split up all over the place.