One Day Poem Pavilion: The Sun's Powerful Rays Become Cheesy Couplets In Art-School Photosynthesis

Solar power doesn't just have to be for them holier-than-thou green types, it can also be for the filthy rich—or for lovelorn poets. Art Center student Jiyeon Song made the One Day Poem Pavilion of boards with holes punched at different angles. Depending on the angle of the sun to the earth where the pavilion sits, different parts of the poem shine through. After about five hours, you will have the complete message. I just thought of something: This dot-matrix sundial technique could easily be used to make a solar "digital" clock, by showing times instead of stanzas. Calibration would be a bitch, but someone could do it. Phil Torrone, are you hearing me?? [Project Page via Geekologie]


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