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One Dumb Trick to Take Pro-Looking Product Photos With Your Phone

If you're selling stuff online, a few high-quality photos can really set you apart from the hordes of shady-seeming eBayers and Craigslisters. But what if you haven't got a DSLR camera and a bunch of spendy lenses? HouseholdHacker has a trick that's so stupid simple, you'll slap yourself for not having thought of it.


A glam-looking backdrop and a reflective base are all you need to glitz up your small product shots. Obviously, this trick won't work if you're trying to sell a car or something, but for smaller stuff like electronics and shelf-size doodads, this'll do just nicely. [HouseholdHacker]

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Too good and people ask me if those are actual item photos. My sales copy have also been accused of being manufacturer cut and paste. Can't be too pro for some people.