One For All Kameleon Generation 3: Luminescent

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The Kameleon Generation 3 by One For All is a sexy, universal, uberbacklit remote that will not only control your DVD player, but dim your lights before the movie starts.

The remote can switch/dim 256 lights, and can be programmed so that one button plays the DVD player and dims the lights at the same time. Your friends will simultaneously never see it coming and pity you for loving your home theatre more than your wife/children/them. No details yet on what other infrastructure your home will need for the effect. Expect to pay about $90 for this handheld lighting grid.

One for All [via techdigest]

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I've owned their second generation remote. Terrible. The thing was way too sensitive and wouldn't stop waking up. If I so much as looked at it, it would light up. Total waste of batteries. I contacted the company about it. They actually reccomended I put felt pads on the bottom of the remote and store it in a drawer when not in use. Are you kidding me?

I hope this 3rd generation has had its sensor turned down. Not that i'm going to buy one anyway.