One Man Is Drawing A Star Wars Comic For Every Day Of 2015

Rejoice, it's only 345 days until The Force Awakens is coming out! Plenty of people are getting excited already, but Gerard 'George' Folz is celebrating by turning a scene from Star Wars into a comic book panel, and they look great.

Folz's 'Darth Days' project kicked off on New Year's Day, and he's so far been pretty committed to it - and among all the excitement and trailer dissection and trailer parodies, it's pretty cool to see a project like this. It's a pretty neat way to count down the days until we're whisked away to a galaxy far, far away once again. Here's a few of Folz's comics, and you can follow along to see the rest of them on his Twitter account:


Here's hoping Folz manages to complete his project!


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