One Man's VCR Player Collection Earns My "Best Video of the Month" Badge

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Unbeknown to us, the Finnish YouTube user "markorepairs" is quite the video legend with 988 videos showing...well, not much! Except for this recent corker, which features his entire VCR player collection and the most amazing bowlcut seen since Friar Tuck.

The YouTube description is a particular gem, too: "If you likes my collection show me you intresting hobby, own videos and show in the hole world when factory models is stupid drop off carbitch when maschine still running life."


If you happen to be in the market for a VCR player, our friend "Markorepairs" recommends Panasonic (it warrants a thumb's up), but JVC is "second best."

Just wait until you see the Betamax review he's doing next week for Giz... [Reddit]