One of Horror's Most Controversial and Elusive Films Is Now Available for Streaming

Oliver Reed in The Devils. Image: Shudder
Oliver Reed in The Devils. Image: Shudder

Cult movie fans, give praise. Starting today, Shudder is streaming the long-elusive unrated version of Ken Russell’s legendary 1971 The Devils, starring Oliver Reed as a priest who’s accused of witchcraft, and Vanessa Redgrave as the hunchbacked nun who’s dangerously obsessed with him.


This clip, presented exclusively by io9, doesn’t contain any of the graphic violence or sexually explicit moments that have made The Devils such a target for censorship and outright banning over the years. It does, however, focus on another aspect of the film that drew ire: the unflattering portrayal of the Catholic church.

Say it with me: “Satan is ever-ready to seduce us with sent-sual delights!”

According to Shudder, this 109-minute version of The Devils—which runs six minutes longer than the R-rated cut—is the longest unrated version of the film in existence. The British-made film has never been released on DVD in the U.S., only VHS, so unless you live someplace with a horror film festival or an adventurous rep house, this may be your first chance to catch it in any form. Thank the movie gods it’s the form that contains all the nudity and blasphemy your dark heart could ever desire.

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