One of Sony's New Xperias Has "Wet-Finger Tracking"

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Sony has two new smartphones out at the CommunicAsia event in Singapore. The Xperia Ray is your average Android handset. The Xperia Active, a phone designed for sportier types, features a little something for slippery fingertips.

And they're decent, both running Gingerbread on 1GHz processors with 3-inch screens. The Ray even also has an 8.1MP camera with 720P HD playback. But while the former has its own amenities, it's the durable and water-resistant Active that gets special attention for having the unique wet-finger tracking. I imagine that's for sweaty athletes who want to check their phones for whatever reason during a run. It comes with the iMapMyFitness app after all. But make of that fun wording what you will. [Sony Ericsson via Phandroid]