One Of The Best Things About Destiny Is Being Turned Into An Amazing Toy

Bungie’s sci-fi shooter Destiny isn’t without its faults. In fact, it has many faults. But one thing you can rarely knock about it is the game’s awesome armor designs. Now those lovely armors are going to be turned into a line of incredible Destiny 1/6th scale action figures by the fine folks at 3A.

3A have announced that they’ve acquired the Destiny license by immediately unveiling an outstanding 1/6th scale figure representing the Titan class (one of the three different classes in the game) and a whole host of weapon-shaped goodies that he comes with. After all, Destiny is pretty much about grinding to get more guns than you can shake a gun-shaped stick at, right?


And this Titan is seriously suited and booted. The 32cm-tall figure comes with an alternate pair of hands to hold either a shotgun (the Felwinter’s Lie), an assault rifle (the Shadow Price) or a heavy machine gun (the Zombie Apocalypse WF47)—plus, if you preorder him from 3A’s own Bambaland store, he comes with one extra weapon, the Exotic Hand Cannon Hawkmoon.

Man, even the action figures are getting Hawkmoon drops before I do. Not cool, little plastic Titan. Not cool.


The Titan figure will be available for preorder from 3A’s webstore for $190 from 9AM Hong Kong Time on July 27th (that’s 6pm PDT/9pm EDT on the 26th in the US).

[World of 3A]

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