Earlier this year, Motorola asked designers to submit face designs for its upcoming Moto 360 smartwatch. Overwhelmed by 1,300 entries, the field has been whittled down to 10—and you can vote to decide which one will actually ship with the watch.

There are some lovely designs in here, and they vary from analog cool to strikingly modern. So Dave McCarthy's face blends Braun and Swiss railway clock styling, while Paul Stringer's looks like a speedometer. Elsewhere Layton Diamen's striking "vanishing hour" (above) shows time disappearing before your eyes, and Jason Wang's looks like a radar display.


You can read the design inspirations behind each of the watch faces over on Motorola's Goolge+ page—where you can also vote for your favorite. The face with the most +1s on June 24th will be crowned the winner, shipping with the watch alongside Moto's other official faces. Which do you like most? [Moto via Verge]

Tyler Allicock

Paul Stringer

David Pascual

Jason Wang

Dave McCarthy

Pawel Hanusowski

Jose Azua

Aramis Negron

Will Rodriguez