One Possible Future for the RV

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With the price of gas, it's tough to imagine the migrant RV lifestyle as being sustainable through retirement or even just a reprise of MTV's classic Road Rules. Here is the RV of tomorrow.

Well, it's the RV of tomorrow as designed by Christian Susana. With its injection molded design, the vehicle is essentially a Tupperware container on wheels. But what's really clever about the design is its detachable cockpit—not so different from a semi or that prostitute's space ship on Firefly—that can cruise around unencumbered when you're not in need of a living room's worth of furniture dragging at your butt. [Tuvie via Jalopnik]

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Just one more way that modular is the way to go. On the flip side of this concept is a small RV. I took a Yamaha market survey a few weeks ago that included a side-by-side ATV vehicle that had a rear section like a small camper. They asked questions like, 'would this be better as a pop-up or as a trailer', etc. I don't what consulting group has been making coin pushing this idea of RVs being the next growth market but I could imagine at least a few reasons why they may be right and I like direction of movement from Winnebago to modular or smaller.