OnLive's TV-Based Microconsole Up and Gaming By End of Year

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Earlier today, Jason finally got to test the cloud-based gaming service OnLive from the comfort of his home (read: underpants). He liked it! Now there's even more good news: a TV version will be ready before the year's end.


So says OnLive head Steve Perlman, in an interview with Joystiq:

When we get to what we call 'cruising altitude' — this is the bumpy takeoff — we can introduce the Microconsole. It's a walk before you run sorta thing. Frankly, this is the quietest — well, it's not the quietest, but it's one of the quieter times of the year for gaming — the fourth quarter is the really big ramp up...

So between now and the fourth quarter gives us an opportunity to sort of get our legs underneath us without being at huge risk of disappointing people.

OK, that doesn't really say much, but when Joystiq asked directly if the Microconsole would be out by the end of the year, Perlman replied, "Oh yeah yeah yeah. They're working ... We have beta users who are using it."

Excellent! That means we're only six months away from that glorious technological moment when you'll be able to rent and play new Xbox games without even leaving your couch. Time to buy some new underpants. [Joystiq]



isn't the point of onlive is to not have a console. that right there looks like a console.