This is indeed a different kind of wildlife photography. Instead of going to exotic corners of the globe, Joshua White combs the foliage of his own backyard in making hundreds of finely-detailed images.

White takes a scientific approach to collecting specimens and photographing them for his Photographic Survey of the American Backyard. The collection of over 400 images was made with an iPhone and a piece of white foam board:

I set up a piece of white foam core in open shade, usually on my back porch, and photograph each specimen. The specimens are held away from the backdrop with either sewing or knitting needles so that there are no shadows.

After some editing with iPhoto and Snapseed, White's photos are ready to share. The photos are reminiscent of decades-old slides from the basement of a dusty natural history museum. But knowing they were created by one guy in his backyard with a camera phone gives them a relatable charm. They make me want to lay in the grass and watch fireflies.


Check out more of Joshua White's Photographic Survey of the American Backyard on his website. [via Feature Shoot]