Only Tiny Prick Idiots Would Pay $7,500 for the World's Most Exclusive E-Mail Address

Look, I know some people are rich beyond belief. They use $100 bills for toothpicks, stitch money together for blankets, whatever. But even if you're THAT rich, you're a complete idiot for paying $7,500 for an e-mail address.

There's no way around it. Elite750 is an e-mail service for suckers, they charge an initial sign up fee of $7,500 for an e-mail address plus $750 a month as the 'service fee'. Talk about paying to get anally probed, geesh. The e-mail service is only available to 750 people worldwide with the number of accounts limited per country. Switzerland, Germany, Monaco, Argentica and others have already sold out, for example. WHY ARE THOSE PEOPLE SO DUMB. JUST USE GMAIL FOR FREE.


I hope this is fake because I don't want to live in a world where people who buy useless shit like an (not even catchy!) e-mail address are richer than me. On another note, someone register and send me an invite. Thanks! [Elite750 via UberGizmo

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