Ooh, Child: Guardians of the Galaxy's Awesome Mix is coming to Vinyl

Guardians of the Galaxy's licensed soundtrack is as awesome as its name - and because of that, it's vastly popular. It's about to get even more retro-cool however with the announcement that it's coming to Vinyl early next year, complete with sumptuous cover sleeve art by Tyler Stout.


The vinyl, being put out by Mondo, will still feature all 12 songs on the Awesome Mix album, six each on side of the record - but the best part of the release is Tyler Stouts absolutely gorgeous montage artwork for the Record's sleeve:

I mean, just wow. That really does live up to the name 'Awesome'! As if there wasn't enough amazing art on show here, each copy of the record also comes with one of 9 mini prints of a character from the movie randomly inserted, also by Stout. I'd say 'Collect them all!' but considering each copy of the record is $50, that'd be quite an expensive collection.


The record is due to be shipped early 2015, but if you want to pre-order yourself a copy, you can do so over at Mondo's website. Now if you excuse me, every time someone mentions the Awesome Mix I feel the desperate urge to go and play Ain't No Mountain High Enough on loop for several hours.

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