Open Channel: Which Monster Movie Bug Should Inherit the Earth?

The creature from Mimic.
The creature from Mimic.
Screenshot: Miramax

Over the course of the next few weeks, billions of cicadas will emerge from the ground to swarm across chunks of the eastern U.S. to eat, mate, sing, and remind everyone what a powerful force insects can be en masse. Though there’s a certain majesty to cicada swarms whenever they burst out of the earth, they can also be quite alarming, particularly once you get a sense of just how large the insect mobs are.


Insects’ destructive powers and their penchant for mind-bending metamorphoses are big parts of why they feature so prominently in our genre fiction as monsters who are only “dangerous” from the perspective of humans. Much as we love our bug-eyed horrors, our continued fascination with stories about insects posing threats to humanity speaks to the idea that, on some level, we put some faith in the idea that one day, nature will rise up and reclaim the planet from humanity.

Different filmmakers have made compelling cases for various bugs being the end-all-be-all when it comes to inspirations for their movie monsters, but as we contemplate the cicada horde tunneling up from below, we want to hear from you. Which monster movie bugs should overcome humans and take the Earth for themselves? Share your creepy-crawly hopes in the comments below.

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Charles Pulliam-Moore is an NYC-based culture critic whose work centers on fandom, pop culture, politics, race, and sexuality. He still thinks Cyclops made a few valid points.


Sinister Portent

I’d vote for ants. Specifically, the ones from Phase IV, not big ones.