OpenTable Mobile Lets You Book Restaurant Reservations From Your Phone Without Dealing with Humans

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OpenTable is a great website that lets you reserve tables at restaurants without having to deal with calling and being put on hold and, you know, talking to another human being. You simply choose your restaurant, the date, and the time you want, and it'll tell you when the closest available reservation is available. Presto, you've got a reservation. Now, they're making it more convenient by releasing a mobile app that'll let you make restaurant reservations from your phone (without calling anyone). As someone who uses OpenTable relatively frequently to get reservations at restaurants, this is pretty sweet news to me. Hit the jump for the presser.

OpenTable Unveils New Mobile Site for Booking Restaurant Reservations Online

Free Mobile Website Facilitates Last-Minute, On-The-Go Reservations

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (June 30, 2008) - OpenTable, Inc. (, the leading provider of free, real-time online reservations for diners as well as reservation and guest management solutions for restaurants, today announced the beta launch of the OpenTable MobileTM service, enabling consumers to find real-time table availability and book restaurant reservations through their mobile devices. Now it's even easier for people who are away from their computers to enjoy the convenience and ease of booking their restaurant reservations online.

Users can access the mobile-optimized website by pointing the browser on their mobile device to The OpenTable Mobile site is designed to mimic the simple, streamlined reservation process offered on®, enabling users to quickly identify restaurants with available tables and narrow their choices by neighborhood and desired times.

"With OpenTable Mobile, we can now deliver the convenience of online reservations to diners who are on the road or out on the town," said Jeff Jordan, chief executive officer of OpenTable. "Now mobile users can take the power of with them wherever they go, to instantly find and book available tables at more than 8,500 restaurants."

OpenTable Mobile is currently available to book reservations at all OpenTable restaurants in the United States. In order to take advantage of OpenTable Mobile, users must have a web-enabled mobile device and subscribe to a data plan with their carrier. OpenTable does not charge users to access the site or book restaurant reservations; however, standard data and text messaging charges from users' mobile carriers may apply. For more information on the OpenTable Mobile beta please visit


[Open Table Mobile]



@SgtMac02: Have you ever called a resturant during their busy hours? Half the time I can't hear a word they are saying, then I need to spell my name 5 times.

I use opentable all the time. I see all the open reservation slots, pick one, and 30 seconds later I'm done. I also earn rewards points for doing it.