​Opera Founder's Fancy New Web Browser Won't Even Need A Mouse

Tired of using your mouse cursor to scroll and click through the web? No, probably not—but a new web browser may give you the option to unplug the sucker anyhow. It's called Vivaldi, and it springs from the mind of the co-founder and former CEO of Opera. In other words, a man who knows his browsers.

Spatial Navigation—the feature that has my attention—promises to let users comfortably browse the web using only a keyboard. That sounds ridiculous, but kind of awesome. Sadly, it's not available yet: the current software build focuses on reviving dead Opera features like Speed Dial bookmarks, tab stacking and a note-taking module. Still you have to appreciate the ambition of designing a browser that even considers ditching the good ol' computer rodent. Besides, this browser already feels pretty good: it's fast and has an attractive flat design that adapts to the colors of any site you visit.


Curious? You can check it out for Windows, Mac, or Linux right now. [Vivaldi via CNET]

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