Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta 1 Available Now

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Two days late, the first beta of Opera Mobile 9.5 is available right now. While it's a developer-focused release, 9.5's snappier response, overhauled UI and better standards support make it worth making the jump now, if you're just a little adventurous. [Opera]


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Darth Fadar

I previously installed this on my mobile phone earlier today and have fallen in love with it. New ui that i had to get used to but is really great. the rendering and browsing is very quick and blows pie out of the water. Comparing this to opera mini is apples to oranges. This is a much more robust browser thats only going to get better.

My only gripes are that I kept running out of cache so the ability to install opera on my sd or relocate the cache to the sd will be greatly appreciated. Also, entering data in text boxes is off and will not word wrap properly. A good portion of the lines are off screen.

Can't wait till the next build this version is shaping up great.