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OQO Cancels All Pre-Orders, We Come to an Obvious Conclusion

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Despite widespread speculation about the company's health, OQO has been fairly coy about their financial situation. Now, they've canceled all pre-orders for their upcoming Model 2+ UMPC. Sort of like a dying company might do!


The OQO drama began to unfold a few weeks back, when a combination of leadership changes, message board rumors and canceled pre-orders through a large European retailer led people to surmise that the San Francisco-based UMPC maker was on its way out. They then admitted that they were courting potential buyers, but left it at that.

And now this: Chippy, he of UMPCPortal fame, has received word that all pre-orders for the lauded Model 2+ have been canceled, though he hasn't heard from the company itself. With a shipping date set at May 22nd and the company in distress, a delay might have been expected, and even excused. But a cancellation? That sounds an awful low like a death knell. [SlashGear]