Oregon school cancels zombie survival classes, ensures students will be eaten

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Armand Larive Middle School had what is perhaps the greatest junior high social studies class ever: Zombie Survival Skills. But the killjoy parents and administrators put the kibosh on the post-apocalyptic class, feeling that undead studies were not appropriate for growing minds.

The East Oregonian reported on Rich Harshberger's zombie survival classes at Armand Larive earlier this week, a class that focused largely on real-world survival skills and also had a reading and writing component. Apparently, parents were a bit surprised to learn the school was teaching a class with such a violent subject matter—as was school Superintendent Fred Maiocco. The class was quickly canceled, to be replaced by an "exploratory reading" class led by Harshberger.

I don't know how much of the class focused on weaponry (the above image is of a zombie-killing class from the movie Fido), but all joking aside, framing a class in terms of the zombie apocalypse does sound like a cool way to get kids interested in survival skills like foraging, compass reading, and the like. And an exploratory reading class won't necessarily mean that the kids won't be reading about gory undead monsters.


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