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Origami Sailboat: Origami's Not Just For Lame PCs

Illustration for article titled Origami Sailboat: Origamis Not Just For Lame PCs

For those of us erstwhile sailors, this origami boat holds an intriguing appeal with its ability to be folded up into the size of a windsurf board. Yes, you can take it with you!


Although its illustrations make it look perilously close to being easily swamped, able sailors would probably be able to handle her with aplomb even though she's made of flat sheets of corrugated plastic.

Alas, it's just a concept so far. Build this baby, and we'll take 'er out into the deep blue sea. On second thought, maybe that maiden voyage might be on a still lake. It's been a while.


Set To Sail In Origami Boat Which Folds After Use! [bornrich]

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awesome! if it's only corrugaed plastic it should be hella cheep to make and one of the least expensive watersports out there